"I would like to take a moment to thank you, especially you, and your staff of translators that have worked on all the translations that Pam and I have needed this past year. It is an extreme pleasure working with you.

The professional manner in which you have handled all translation projects over the years is beyond compare. I know when I send a project to you that it will be delivered on time and most times faster than I have expected. Your attention to the details of a project makes it so much easier for both Pam and I. And, according to the time you send translations back to me by e-mail, I know you work long hours, as Pam and I do."

-Joe Sluzars
Rohrer Litho, Inc

"I am very pleased to share with you some positive feedback we received from a client for whom you performed a *Desktop Publishing job* some time back. The client contacted our sales person indicating they were very pleased with the translation. They also wanted us to pass along their sincere appreciation for your hard work and efforts, adding, etc. We could not have done this project without them... As you are aware, we as a company are only as good as the work provided by our linguists so I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. Thank you for the use of your talents and keep up the good work!"

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