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Asset management

Asset management is different from project management.
Asset management captures, and makes good use of, work-product created during any project for a given client. Content, memory (that is, glossaries and lexicons) and project records can all yield great value to any organization, provided they are updated, maintained and mined with a constant eye toward increased productivity and lowered translation costs.

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To that end, our project coordinators routinely capture all work-product and, with client permission, archive that work-product for future reference (we are in the process of making that work-product available to clients on-line).
  • Need to update your sales collateral? Then why reinvent the wheel? Use the last set of translations to help smooth the way for this set.
  • Need to make frequent changes to your localized Web site? Then make good use of your translation memory at Multi-Lingua.
All content is yours, and Multi-Lingua maintains it for free, because we consider it a cornerstone of a productive and profitable relationship.
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