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Multi-Media and Web Localization

Localization is both art and science.

The art lies in knowing both the target language and the rules of culture, and how they apply to software and web design. Colors, icons, features, functions and placements all take on new importance when software and web sites appear in languages other than English.

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Do you know what Russians think when they see a cheetah as a corporate symbol? Or do you know how Brazilians regard the color purple? And how about that email mainstay, the US mailbox...?
In addition to the art, there's a whole lot of science, too. To be a wiz at web site localization means you have to be capable in HTML coding, graphic and animation design, and custom scripts and programs, and you have to understand such issues as:
  • String length variation among languages and its effects on screen design
  • Character encoding standards (especially for Asian languages)
  • Font characteristics
  • Search and sorting algorithms.
You also have to be able to use the latest computer-assisted translation tools, including string extraction and reinsertion utilities, and translation memory.
At Multi-Lingua Communications we blend both art and science to help software and Web sites communicate effectively - linguistically, emotionally, technically and financially. If you're interested in seeing more of our work, click on the link below.

China Pub, a leader in e-publishing, e-book and on-line retail for whom Multi-Lingua developed, localized and launched a professional publishing portal.

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