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Employment Opportunities

Join Our Team and be a Part of a Global Business!

If you're an accredited or otherwise accomplished translator (especially if you live outside the US), or you're a wiz at DTP, formatting and type-set in foreign languages, or it's your mission in life to make sure that every web-site and every piece of software is multilingual, then we'd like to know more about you!
Send us your resume (to talentrecruiter@multilingua.com) with a cover letter, and tell us what you're looking for. Are you looking for a staff position, freelance work or some other arrangement? Are you headed abroad - or are you already abroad - and want to help us qualify, recruit and manage translators in distant ports (or deserts)? And what are you looking for as compensation?
You'd better love languages, because we do. And you'd better love the translation management business, because that's where we live every single day. Other than that, we're a pretty diverse and open-minded bunch of folks.
So, if you want to join - and contribute to - one of the largest translation agencies in the US, send us your particulars in writing (to talentrecruiter@multilingua.com).

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