About Us

"Talent and experience to provide you with extraordinary service "

With over 75 years of combined experience, the management team at Multi-Lingua is ready to surpass your greatest expectations.

Dr. Lizhe Sun (President and Owner) :
Founded the company in 1987

Loves translation management, because -
"...it bridges the gap in understanding among and between people of different cultural backgrounds and values..., it promotes a productive exchange of information and enhances progress in the global economy."
Expect the extraordinary, indeed!
Born in Beijing, China in 1951, Dr. Sun spent most of The Cultural Revolution. as "an educated youth" in the Chinese countryside. Thereafter, he embarked on a career in medicine, ultimately becoming a renowned surgeon and medical researcher in general surgery and organ transplantation. His studies and training took him from the Chinese countryside to the Capital University of Medical Sciences and the Beijing Tongren Hospital in the early 1970's, thence to the John Curtin School of Medicine at Australian National University in the early 1980's, and finally to Northwestern University's Medical School in Chicago for a postdoctoral fellowship in cellular immunology and transplantation from 1983-1987.
While in America, the entrepreneurial urge overtook him, and the initial result was the founding of Chicago Multi-Lingua Graphics in 1987, since renamed Multi-Lingua Communications. In addition to providing translation support, Dr. Sun pioneered in double-byte DTP with the creation of PostScript Chinese fonts and advances in layout and publishing software development.
As Chicago Multi-Lingua Graphics grew and developed into a successful full-service translation agency, and as China opened its economy to the world, Dr. Sun committed to expand on his success in the West by going East. Today, among his many other passions, Dr. Sun runs one of the largest academic and business book publishers in China - publishing and distributing more than 2,000 titles per year. His business partnerships read like a who's who of international academic, business and financial publishing.
In his spare time, Dr. Sun is also Adjunct Professor at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in China.
Expect the Extraordinary in technological development and problem-solving.
Yi Han has been swimming at the deep end of the technology pool since 1981. Remember when hi-tech meant transistors and tubes? Yi Han does. And remember Microsoft DOS®? Yi Han was a member of the team that first localized DOS® for use in China. And now, Chinese is about to become the dominant language on the Worldwide Web. What's that old saying made new? "Time, tide, and technology wait for no man."
Having whetted his appetite and having learned the basics, Yi Han came to the US in 1987 to study Computer Science at DePaul University in Chicago, where he ultimately earned his MA. At about the same time, he met Dr. Lee Sun who recruited him to help Multi-Lingua® Communications learn and master the technology dance that is so essential to today's translation industry. Along the way, Yi Han has pioneered plenty of firsts, especially in double-byte DTP - Multi-Lingua® was one of the first translation agencies to use Quark® with double-byte, to use software to convert Chinese to Japanese characters, and to move from photo-typeset to computer-generated laser proofs. In addition to pioneering translation industry tradecraft with software, Yi Han has also served as our IT hardware guru - as designer, builder, trouble-shooter and master.
If it's technological, (and much of the translation business is these days), then rest assured that Yi Han is close by...and ready to help.
Jane Zhang : (Manager, Customer Services)
Joined: 1993

Loves translation management, because -
"...it serves peoples' and companies' immediate needs."
Expect the extraordinary... from China!
Born in Shanghai, China in 1970, Jane has spent most of her adult life in the communications arts and disciplines. A graduate of the Beijing Institute of Printing with a degree in graphic information and printing technology, Jane became a tenured lecturer at her alma mater. But with the opening of China's economy and the creation of many new opportunities in the market, academic life could not hold her. Consequently, she joined Multi-Lingua Publishing International as Rights Manager, and was later appointed to the Boards of Huazhang Graphic Information Company, Ltd and Multi-Channel Electronic Information Company Ltd, both publishing entities and members of the Multi-Lingua Group.
At Multi-Lingua Communications, Jane has lead responsibility for customer service - from the creation of the company's Customer First service philosophy to the welcoming of new clients and the management of client teams, to the conduct of our client satisfaction research. Jane's commitment is to advocate, to train for and to deliver extraordinary customer service.
Yong Wu (Associate General Manager):
Joined: 1995

Loves translation management, because -
"...it's such a multi-faceted challenge. You have to approach it with all your senses and both sides of your brain to convey both meaning and context effectively."
Expect the Extraordinary in graphic design and visual communications.
Yong Wu is blessed with a disciplined mind, a love of technology and a deep appreciation for the visual arts. Having graduated in 1990 from Tongji University in Shanghai with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications engineering, he spent the four years immediately following working with the Ministry of Communication's Science Academy as a project director applying CAM to traffic flows and highway design.
Then the private sector called...and Yong Wu answered. In 1994, he joined Multi-Lingua Computer Graphics Co., Ltd in Beijing as production manager for DTP, graphic design and color film output. His work was so impressive that one year later he was transferred to Multi-Lingua Communications in Chicago to apply his managerial, technical and artistic skills to the company's graphic design, DTP and pre-press services. If it's visual, and much of our work is, chances are, Yong Wu has played a role in giving it that "just-so" finished look.
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